🔥☕ What's Next for Patchy's Coffee?

Next phase for Patchy's Coffee is to upgrade the 25a Rutland Retail Shop into a Futuristic Cafe / Convenience Store! 

10th June 2024

Click Here to 'Give A Little' to help Patchy upgrade the Retail Shop into a Cafe / Convenience Store!

Thanks so incredibly much...

...to everyone who has 'Given a Little' so far which made it a reality for Patchy to secure the Lease on the Retail Shop located at 25a Rutland St, Auckland Central.

Patchy has realized that to make a Cafe which offers $1.50 Hot drinks viable, he is going to need to turn it into a Convenience store as well to help subsidize the very affordable Cafe Range.

As a result the next phase of the Patchy's Coffee Startup journey is to turn the back of the Retail shop into an efficient mini Warehouse with Shelving and Fridges so that on top of getting affordable Hot Coffees, Soup and Noodles etc, the public will also be able to order a large range of Convenience Store type products from a Touch screen at the front.

The logic behind having customers order from a Touch screen (similar to when you go into McDonalds) is to completely eradicate financial loss due to shoplifting.

Patchy's Coffee will become a one stop shop where you can grab Hot Drinks etc, but also a large range of Convenience items from Toothpaste to cold cans of Red Bull!

Any money raised from this point on will be used to purchase Shelving and Fridges, as well as the initial Stock to fill them.

Patchy has decided not to continue with the Mobile Coffee Trolleys, as they are very limited due to Weather and Storage Capacity, but they will always remain an integral part of the Patchy's Coffee story, as that is how it all started!

Thanks again to everyone for their generous support! 🙏🙏🙏